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Frances Payne

Volunteer Recruiter (San Francisco)

Frances was born in Detroit, Michigan in the middle of the Great Depression.   After high school graduation, she entered a convent of Dominican nuns in Racine, Wisconsin.   During that time she taught in elementary schools in Michigan and Wisconsin and later pursued graduate degrees from Saint Louis University. Doctoral studies and her eventual Ph.D. led her to research in the politically convulsed country of Bolivia where she worked until 1983. She taught university classes, worked in remote rural communities, directed numerous research studies and spearheaded a variety of community development projects. The life-defining events of those years are detailed in her first English language publication “They Make Us Dangerous.”  She brings a wide range of experiences to the table from teaching in urban and rural schools in the United States to research and university teaching in the midst of violence and political upheaval. Whether a second grade teacher, a researcher, a visiting scholar at Stanford University, Immigration court interpreter, small business entrepreneur or human resource go-to person for janitors, Frances has always been a strong believer in democracy in the workplace and community activism to create a better world for all.

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