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Experience Corps Bay Area (ECBA) was established in San Francisco in 1998 by Aspiranet,  expanded to Oakland in 2005, Berkeley in 2013 and Redwood City in 2016.  One of California’s largest social service agencies, Aspiranet is a recognized leader in the development of innovative social and educational services for children, youth and families.  Our vision is to take collective action to support communities and families as they love and care for children.  Since Aspiranet’s formation in 1975 we have scaled our delivery of social services throughout California, employing 1,000 full and part-time staff, and providing direct services to over 25,000 children, youth and families on a yearly basis.

Aspiranet has 35 core family support programs in 44 rural, urban and suburban locations – in foster care, adoption, child and family services, youth development, education/afterschool programs, and behavioral health. Click here to learn more about the agency’s core services and programs by type, name or location.

Aspiranet has a 40-year legacy of intergenerational work and is among the nation’s leading innovators in the encore movement which seeks to leverage the passion, experience and talents of America’s 78 million baby boomers to help solve the most pressing problems in society. According to U.S. Census figures the number of Americans over 55 will grow to 110 million in 2030.

Neither young nor old, they represent an extraordinary resource.  More than any generation before them, they are living longer, healthier lives and want to continue to stay active and engaged for decades to come.  Ten thousand are retiring each day and millions are searching for a new stage of work beyond their mid-life career – a calling in the second half of life that contributes to the greater good and offers a renewed sense of purpose.

Making the transition to a new stage of work and contribution can be a significant undertaking. Aspiranet helps pave the way by offering a variety of paths for seasoned professionals to contribute to the nonprofit sector while capitalizing on skills honed during their midlife careers. In addition to our nationally-recognized Experience Corps program, the Aspiranet Encore Fellowships program provides meaningful and impactful service opportunities for experienced adults.

Aspiranet is a leader in deploying encore talent to social purpose work.  Through their flagship Experience Corps and Encore Fellowships programs they are an innovative force in the encore movement.
—Marc Freedman, CEO & Founder of Encore.org




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