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New York Times Article Reflecting on ECBA Work

David Kirp recently published an article in the New York Times that reflects well on the work that ECBA does.

— He emphasizes that “being a proficient reader by third grade is widely regarded as the best predictor of high school graduation.”  This, of course, is precisely where ECBA targets its efforts.

— He writes : “Money doesn’t guarantee good outcomes, but it helps. It pays for well-educated, experienced teachers, small classes and one-on-one coaching. “There are no easy routes to preschool success,” says W. Steven Barnett, a Rutgers economist and the director of the National Institute for Early Education Research. “It takes time, money and a relentless focus on quality — but it has been done.”  ECBA emphasizes small groups and one-on-one mentoring, and ensure volunteers are high quality through our rigorous training.

To read the article in its entirety please click here.

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